It’s cliché, but it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. Teaching someone to fish can provide meals for a lifetime while giving a fish will only feed them for a night. Successful nonprofits strive to teach individuals how

Nonprofits are in business to do social good and help their communities. Unlike for-profit businesses, making money is not their goal. These organizations rely on grants, donations, and volunteers to continue running smoothly. For this reason, nonprofits need outside help. What’s the best way to

At Second Chances Garage, we seek to make a difference in our community by offering second chances for individuals and families on their journey to independent living by providing assistance with personal transportation needs. That being said, we know that transportation is just one piece

September marks the 32nd annual National Recovery Month; a month dedicated to educating Americans about mental health and substance abuse disorders and to promote and support new recovery practices. Additionally, National Recovery Month is a way to celebrate and honor those who are in recovery

No matter the reason, everyone deserves a second chance in life to make things right and to get back on their feet. However, there are often barriers that keep people from really making a comeback and achieving their new goals, and local organizations are the

A statewide report released this past week presented a dire picture for residents across the state: A growing number of income-earning households cannot pay for their basic needs. Frederick County is no exception. More than 35,000 households in Frederick County cannot afford the most basic