Here in Maryland, vehicle inspections are a fact of life. Before selling a used car, you must get it inspected at an authorized state inspection station. As the buyer of a used car, you should expect the seller to give you the state inspection certificate

Owning a car is a necessary part of everyday life for the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, maintaining a vehicle can be costly, especially when it comes to expensive car repairs. While some repairs are relatively inexpensive and easy to fix, others require exorbitant fees for

Getting ready for a vehicle donation? Here’s how to get your vehicle donation ready.  If you’re ready to donate your vehicle, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of first. Here’s a short checklist for before, during, and after your donation, and

Buying a used car is a more practical and cost-effective option for many. Here at Second Chances Garage, you can buy reliable used vehicles that positively impact our community.  Our vehicles offer affordable transportation solutions for college and high school students, first-time drivers, and those

The time to prepare for your taxes will be here before you know it, and regardless of your economic situation, it’s crucial that you stay on top of your finances. Financial planning is critical for individuals and families to achieve their financial goals both in

An old or malfunctioning car is a headache for you, but it could be a blessing for a Frederick-area family in need. Have you ever considered giving it as a car donation rather than selling it, repairing it, or worrying about what else to do

Do you have an old or unused vehicle? Do you want to donate it, but you don’t know which nonprofit is best suited for your donation?  Let’s take a look at the most important factors in your decision. Here are some helpful tips for deciding

Monetary giving is a great way to support those in need, but not everyone can afford to donate money, especially those living paycheck to paycheck. Fortunately, there are many more ways to be charitable and help others besides supplying financial support. Here are five ways

Donating a car may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider charitable giving, but it can be a meaningful way to contribute to a cause you care about while also benefiting yourself in multiple ways. If you’re wondering “Why should