FAQs About Donating a Car

To help our Frederick community. Our primary mission is to provide safe and reliable vehicles to low-income wage earners in Frederick County, Maryland. Vehicles are placed with qualified applicants who are referred to us by our Partner Agencies. 

Yes! High-mileage cars that still have life can be refurbished and made available for sale, helping offset the cost of our programs. Even cars that have served out their useful life can provide parts to other cars in our program before being carefully recycled.

Each car is thoroughly examined and all necessary repairs completed. Vehicles must pass a rigorous Maryland safety inspection. They are then carefully detailed so that recipients are receiving a car in which they can take pride. 

FAQs About Receiving a Car

  1. Talk with your Partner Agency contact/case manager about jointly completing an application. Program fee of $600 plus $300 (title/tags/registration) is payable when the application is submitted.
  2. Submit completed applications online or in person with the supporting documents. Submit the program fee in person to our shop location. Application will be retained, but not reviewed until the program fee is received.

Completed applications will include copies of the following documents:

  1. Maryland Driver’s License for all drivers in household
  2. Pay stubs for the past two months and other paperwork to support income listed on application, e.g., food stamps, TCA, child support.
  3. Copy of non-certified driving record.
  4. Copy of written, working budget.
  5. Referral letter from Partner Agency.
  6. Cashier’s check or money order made payable to Second Chances Garage in the amount of $900.

Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will receive a vehicle.

Vehicles are awarded to applicants whose application is reviewed and approved based on our qualifications.

Approved applicants will receive a vehicle based on their needs and our current inventory, but do not have the opportunity to choose a specific car.

FAQs About Purchasing a Car

Anyone may purchase as there are no special qualifications or requirements. Proceeds from these car sales go directly to supporting operations at Second Chances Garage.

Every car sold has been carefully assessed and appropriately repaired. Most “Public Sale Vehicles” are Maryland Safety-inspected and offered with full disclosure of any known issues (e.g., information provided by the donor and information from Second Chances Garage’s assessment and repair process). Others may be sold with title only and will need repairs to pass inspection.

Second Chances Garage does not offer financing or payment plans. Payment may be made with a money order, cashier’s check or cash. Additionally, we cannot accept trade-ins.

FAQs About Car Repairs

If you have a vehicle that is in need of repair and you qualify economically, we could be able to repair your vehicle for basically half of what a traditional garage would charge for the exact same work. 

Most repair shops in the area charge $80-$199 per hour plus the cost of parts to work on your vehicle. In the case of our Reduced-Cost Auto Repair Program, the shop cost is only $75 per hour, and we pass any savings that we receive from our parts supplier on to you.

Keep in mind that we don’t do all types of repairs, but if we can do it, we will. If we’re not able to complete the repair, we have partner garages that offer good, reliable service at fair prices. We’re happy to recommend them to you.

Still have questions? Contact us!