Get Reduced-Cost Repairs

Reduced Cost Repairs

Do you make enough money to afford the day-to-day expenses of a car like gas and insurance but not enough to afford the ongoing maintenance or repairs? At Second Chances Garage, we offer a reduced-cost repairs program for those who are economically vulnerable.

We understand that a reliable car is a necessity for most and want to make sure that even if you don’t have savings or the ability to get a loan for repairs, you are still able to get needed repairs done without being devastated by the expenses. Therefore, we offer reduced cost repairs at roughly half the cost compared to other full-service garages, to help those who are not able to afford repairs.

Repair Services


Oil & Filter Change | Belts | Hoses | Battery | Spark Plugs | Coils | Light Bulbs


Pads | Rotors | Shoes | Drums | Calipers | Wheel Cylinders | Brake Hoses


Bolt on Muffler | Tail Pipe (not welded)


Radiator | Hoses |Thermostat | Fans | Relays

Drive Train & Suspension

Struts | Shocks | Control Arms | Ball Joints | Tie Rods | CV Axles | Mount & Balance Tires | Tie Rods | Power Steering Hoses | Pumps | Belts


Battery | Alternator | Bulbs | Lights

Air Conditioning

AC recharge | Compressor | Hoses | Condenser | Drier


Mirrors | Headlight Assembly

Please note: 1) Even if your car is not running, you must be able to bring your car to our shop in Frederick, Maryland. Please do not tow your vehicle to the shop without calling and planning the drop off first. 2) For vehicle evaluations, we charge a $25 fee. If you return for the repair work within 30 days, we will deduct this charge from your invoice.

Already a reduced-cost vehicle repair customer? Call 240.724.1919 to schedule an appointment.

Services We Do Not Offer

4WD Front U Joints | ABS Systems (Besides Wheel Sensors) | Air Conditioner Evaporator | Body Work/Collision Repair | Clutches | Check Engine Diagnostic Work | Cylinder Heads | Exhaust Manifolds | Flex Pipes | Fuel Pumps | Intake Manifolds | Internal Engine Work | Heater Cores | Steering Column Work | Timing Belts | TPMS |Transmissions |Welding

If we’re not able to perform a needed service, we have partner garages (included below) that offer good, reliable service at fair prices. 

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals qualify by meeting one of the following requirements.

Are you currently receiving assistance?

To qualify for our reduced-cost repair program, you must currently receive assistance or services from another agency (e.g, food stamps, housing/medical assistance, temporary cash assistance, disability or social security)

What is your household income?

To qualify for our reduced-cost repair program, you must have an annual gross household income* falling at or below the following levels:
Family Size of 1 - $31,536 or less
Family Size of 2 - $47,340 or less
Family Size of 3 - $58,278 or less
Family Size of 4 - $69,216 or less
Family Size of 5 - $80,983 or less

*Household Income is defined as the amount of income for all wage-earners in the home before taxes and other deductions are removed.

Have you been impacted by COVID-19?

To qualify for our reduced-cost repair program, you must have been laid off or have had your hours reduced due to COVID-19.

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