Give a Gift That Keeps Giving


It’s cliché, but it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. Teaching someone to fish can provide meals for a lifetime while giving a fish will only feed them for a night. Successful nonprofits strive to teach individuals how to fish. Meaning, they provide goods and services that enable them to go out and improve their lives. Below are a few examples of nonprofits that operate this way by using your gift to keep on giving. 

Habitat for Humanity Eases People into Responsibility

Habitat for Humanity provides families with houses at extreme discounts. The families that move into these houses are required to pay rent monthly. The bills aren’t crippling and the routine eases people into the responsibility. The model works. These families are usually able to improve their situation and attain some level of financial stability. 

Mentor Provides People With Tools They Can Use For A Lifetime

A mentor is another example of a nonprofit that gives a gift that keeps giving. Mentor’s vision is to “close the mentoring gap and drive equity through quality mentoring relationships for young people.” The organization connects underprivileged youth and adolescents with mentors that can help guide them through pivotal years. Mentees go on to work quality jobs, understand personal finance, and give back to the community. 

Second Chances Garage Expedites The Journey Towards Independent Living 

Here at Second Chances Garage, we provide cars to people for just $780. Owning a car is empowering. It gives people a sense of freedom and independence. Recipients can take their kids to school, get to work, and even make doctors’ appointments they would not be able to get to otherwise. Owning a car creates momentum in the right direction and facilitates the path towards independent living. 

How to Give a Gift That Keeps Giving

For those who want to give a gift that keeps giving, the key is to look for a second-order impact. The first-order impact of acquiring a car may be that the recipient no longer has to take the bus to work. The second-order impact maybe –  now that they have a car, they start applying for higher-paying jobs that weren’t previously available to them because 1) the jobs weren’t part of the bus route or 2) they did not have time to apply since it was spent waiting on the bus schedule.

It’s important to give gifts that keep giving because depending on socioeconomic status, the obstacles that stand between an individual and their success are disproportionate. These gifts aim to remove some of those additional barriers people face. 

Help Contribute to Second Chances Garage’s Mission

If you have an old car, please consider donating it to Second Chances Garage. We accept all cars. Once a car is brought into the organization, we inspect its condition to determine how it will be used. Some cars are used for parts, others may be repaired and sold or used for our Low-Cost Vehicle Program. Regardless, we will find a valuable use for your old vehicle and, one way or another, it will help enable someone to improve their life right here in the local Frederick area. Donate today by following a short, three-step process. 

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