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In 2010, Rick Trawick founded Second Chances Garage – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Frederick, Maryland, and serving Frederick County. Rick has always had an interest in vehicles and noticed a great need for reliable transportation for those who have lower incomes. It was then he realized that reliable transportation is a vital component for self-sufficiency, stable employment, and the care of children. Over the years, Rick has unequivocally shown his passion for helping others obtain reliable transportation and has surrounded himself with other passionate individuals to help carry out the mission of Second Chances Garage. 

Our Mission

With a passion for cars and helping those in need, Second Chances Garage seeks to make a difference in our community of Frederick County, Maryland, by offering “second chances” for individuals and families on their journey to independent living by providing assistance with their personal transportation needs.

Partner Agencies

Our Partner Agencies play a vital role in helping Second Chances Garage provide vehicles to low-income families in Frederick County, Maryland. Each agency helps us by vetting Low-Cost Vehicle Program applicants and assisting them in the application process.

Without our Partner Agencies, we can’t do what we do!

Reduced Cost Repairs

Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program, which began in 2019, relies on ongoing financial support to provide toolboxes to new technicians. These toolboxes come fully equipped with everything necessary to kickstart their careers. This support enables apprentices to concentrate on their education without worrying about the expense of tools. Each year, Second Chances Garage offers apprenticeship opportunities to two individuals.

Community Supporters

Our Community Supporters help us in a variety of ways, including providing resources to use in our repair shop, spreading the word about our mission, referring economically vulnerable individuals to our Reduced-Cost Repair Program, and more. Thank you to our Community Supporters for their generous support, which helps to make it possible for SCG to make a difference in the lives of Frederick County citizens and beyond. If you’d like to become a partner in helping us make a difference in the Frederick County community, we’d love to hear from you! Request a conversation here.