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Car sales to the general public are the lifeblood of our non profit as they help us keep program costs down for those in need. The monies received from car sales are used to repair cars so that they can be placed with low-income individuals and families. Anyone may purchase as there are no special qualifications or requirements.

Call 240-724-1919 to inquire about a car for sale

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Every car sold has been carefully assessed and appropriately repaired. Most vehicles that are sold to the public are Maryland inspected and offered with full disclosure of any known issues (e.g., the information provided by the donor and information from Second Chances Garage’s assessment and repair process). Others may be sold “as is” with the title only and will need repairs to pass inspection.

Call 240-724-1919 to inquire about a car for sale

Please note: Second Chances Garage does not finance these vehicles or arrange payment plans.
Payment may be made with a money order, cashier’s check or cash. We cannot accept trade-ins.