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Program Car Recipient Angela Angela, a single mom who is raising her daughter, received a 2005 Honda Civic. She found herself at an emergency family shelter, the Faith House. Through Justice Jobs of Maryland, Angela found stable employment. Scrambling to meet their obligations was nearly impossible without a car, but now she has regained independence, increasing both stability …

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Program Car Recipient Robert Robert, who is the assistant manager of the Wells House properties and recently found steady employment as a computer programmer, was presented with a 2000 Honda Civic. Robert’s new employment brought him work/life balance, however, he was relying on a bike for transportation, which wasted hours of time and limited his opportunities. With his …

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Program Car Recipient Scott Scott, who works at the Frederick Arts Council, received a 2008 Ford Escape. Scott has been dependent on riding his bike or taking the bus. As he searches for a second job, his options were limited due to transportation. His family and friends mostly reside in Montgomery County, which made it difficult to see them. Now Scott has access to new …

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Program Car Recipient Jamel Jamel, a student at Frederick Community College, was presented with a 2005 Honda Civic. He was referred by from United Way’s Pathway to Transportation Program. After graduation, Jamel hopes to continue his education seeking a Master’s degree in social work. With the vehicle he received, Jamel now has reliable transportation during his busy schedule of work and school.  Joyce, with United Way of Frederick County, referred Jamel. Thank you, John, for donating …

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Program Car Recipient – Jimmie On Oct. 8, we were pleased to deliver vehicles to two people, both of whom were referred to us by Bob, with Justice Jobs of Maryland. Jimmie, who came to Frederick to rebuild his life, received a 2001 Honda Accord. After completing programs at Justice Jobs of Maryland, he obtained a new position with Sheppard Pratt and started attending a Community Health …

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Benefits of Donating to 501(c)(3) Organizations Like Second Chances Garage

Second Chances Garage is just one of an estimated 1.5 million non-profit organizations that accept donations in the United States. These organizations meet a lot of needs in the community such as feeding, healing, sheltering, educating, and nurturing people. These groups work together for the common good of the community and share their hopes and …

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