Create a second chance for a family!


Our Mission

With a passion for cars and helping those in need, Second Chances Garage seeks to make a difference in our community of Frederick County, Maryland, by offering “second chances” for individuals and families on their journey to independent living by providing assistance with their personal transportation needs.

Donate a Car and Help a family in need

Step 2

Speak with us and
schedule the donation

Step 3

Drop Off your car
or let us pick it up

Make a Difference in a Family's Life

Without a car, it is difficult to have regular access to food, education, and healthcare, let alone be considered for employment opportunities. At Second Chances Garage (SCG), we help low-income, wage earning individuals and families, who are referred by our Partner Agencies, get access to affordable transportation. Therefore, making them more independent and empowered to get back in the driver’s seat of life again.

The Need In Frederick County


Low-income households without cars in Frederick County alone

Data provided by United Way of Frederick County through its programmatic surveys.

Our Impact

vehicles Awarded to families


Our Recipients

Women: 65%
Men: 35%

Black or African American: 49% Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish: 5%
White: 44%
Asian 2%

Women with
dependent children: 81%

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