Support Second Chances Garage

Our supporters are what keep us able to serve the Frederick County community. Without the contributions through cars, money, and time, we would not be able to continue carrying out our mission. No matter if you are a company or an individual, we have several ways that you can support Second Chances Garage. Click the icons below to learn how.

purchase A Car

Vehicles that do not meet the standards to be used in our program are sold to the general public. The proceeds help us continue our Reduced-Cost Repair and Low-Cost Vehicle Programs for those in need. Anyone may purchase these public sale vehicles because there are no requirements nor application process. You’ll support our programs and mission!

Donate Funds

Monetary donations are graciously accepted as they directly benefit Second Chances Garage. Donated funds can be used for a variety of needs including, but not limited to, repairs, operating expenses, parts, tools, and fundraising events. 

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donate a car

Our primary mission is to provide safe and reliable cars to low-income families in Frederick County. Donated cars are potentially provided to an applicant who is vetted by one of our Partner Agencies after being thoroughly evaluated and detailed. Donors also receive a tax benefit regardless of the condition of the car.

Organize a Fundraiser

While we have fundraisers of our own, we love it when others organize a fundraiser to benefit Second Chances Garage! We thank you for putting in the time to help us make a bigger impact and encourage you to share any pictures you have on social media. Please tag us and use #CreatingSecondChances

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become a community supporter

Our Community Partners help us in a variety of ways, including providing resources to use in our repair shop, helping us with outsourced repairs that we are unable to perform, providing donations to support our programs, helping to spread the word, and more.

Businesses also have the opportunity to have employees donate through voluntary payroll deductions.

If you’d like to support us in making a difference in the Frederick County community, please request a conversation and we will reach out!

become a volunteer

Throughout the year, we have multiple opportunities where we participate in and host events in Frederick County. We love having volunteers help us with tasks like setting up, tearing down, manning stations, etc. If you would like to stay in the know about when we have volunteer opportunities, please subscribe to our volunteer email and we will keep you informed!

become a partner agency

Our Partner Agencies play a vital role in helping Second Chances Garage provide vehicles to low-income families in Frederick County, Maryland. Each agency assists us by vetting the applicants they refer and helping them through the application process. Only through the help of our partner agencies are we able to best serve the Frederick community. We’re always looking for other agencies in the Frederick community to partner with.