Resources to Get Your Vehicle Donation Ready
vehicle donation


Getting ready for a vehicle donation? Here’s how to get your vehicle donation ready. 

If you’re ready to donate your vehicle, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of first. Here’s a short checklist for before, during, and after your donation, and below are some resources that you may need to complete the checklist.

  1. Locating your documents: Gather all necessary documents such as the car title, registration, and insurance information – you will eventually need them all. Make sure the title is signed. If you cannot find your title, in the state of Maryland, you can request a duplicate certificate of title.
  2. Locating your lien release: If your title is not “clear”, meaning that it has a lending agency still listed in the lower left quadrant of your title, you must get a letter from the lending institution stating that the vehicle is paid off fully. You can reach out to them directly to get a letter. Here is a great resource for what the letter must include. 
  3. Removing your license plates: Remove the license plates from the car and physically return them to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can request a tag return receipt here for cars registered in the state of Maryland. Do not cancel your insurance until you have this receipt or you could face penalty fines for not having insurance on a registered vehicle. 
  4. Make copies of vehicle repairs: It’s very helpful for the organization receiving your car to know what repairs have been completed. You can make a copy of your repair receipts or call the auto repair shop that you use and ask them to print out your repair history. 
  5. Complete the donation form: To donate your car to Second Chances Garage, fill out this form.

Cars aren’t the only type of vehicle you can donate to places like Second Chances Garage – you can also donate scooters, work vehicles, vans, and more! When you donate a vehicle to Second Chances Garage, you are giving a family or individual in need access to educational and employment opportunities and healthcare that were previously unavailable to them or very difficult to get. You are empowering people to live a full life and get access to the resources they need. 

We hope you’ve found these resources helpful for getting your vehicle donation ready. You can always check out the Second Chances Garage website for more information, whether you’re ready to donate your vehicle or just learning about the idea of vehicle donation. 

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