I Need Junk Car Removal
junk car removal


Thinking that the only thing your car may be good for is the junkyard? That might not necessarily be the case. Even if you think you need junk car removal, you can still donate it to a place like Second Chances Garage (SCG). Even if your car doesn’t run anymore, we can always use the car for parts to help repair other cars in our inventory. Here are some characteristics that may classify a car as “junk” but that SCG will still take: 

  1. Significant damage: If the car has been in a major accident or natural disaster, it may have extensive damage that would be too expensive to repair.
  1. High mileage: A car with high mileage may have significant wear and tear on its engine, transmission, and other mechanical components, making it unreliable and costly to maintain.
  1. Age: As a car gets older, it may develop a range of issues that make it difficult or expensive to keep on the road.
  1. Rust: Rust is a common issue with older cars and can indicate significant damage to the vehicle’s frame and body.
  1. Salvage title: If a car has been declared a total loss by an insurance company, it may have a salvage title, which means it has significant damage or has been rebuilt after an accident.

Even if all of the above is true for your car, Second Chances Garage will still take it as a donation. We classify every vehicle we get as either fit for our Low-Cost Vehicle Program, a public sale car, or a parts car. Every vehicle we receive, no matter the condition, helps to support our programs and operations. The only exception is we are unable to accept vehicles without a title. 

If it’s the monetary value you’re looking for, you are still entitled to a minimum of a $500 tax write-off if your car is sold or recycled as is by Second Chances Garage. And knowing that your car, whether sold or recycled, went towards a good cause is often preferable to the money you can get from a junkyard. 

Even if you can’t get your car to Second Chances Garage, we offer free towing services within 30 miles of our shop, courtesy of Derek’s Towing. Interested in learning how you can donate your car to Second Chances Garage? Check out our website.

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