How Your Donated Car Helps the Frederick County Community
Frederick County


Living in Frederick County without a car is challenging. Frederick has a public transportation system, but it’s not a perfect solution. All of the buses depart and arrive at the same time. This means if patrons are unable to make the set time slot, they’re out of luck. Uber is an option, but frequent trips become costly. It’s also inconvenient for mothers of young children who may need strollers or booster seats. 

The reality is that people need cars to maintain a normal lifestyle in Frederick County. Second Chances Garage seeks to provide “second chances” for individuals and families on their journey to independent living by helping with their personal transportation needs. Equipping members of the Frederick community with their own transportation is beneficial to both the individual recipients and the community as a whole. Here’s how:

How your donated car helps individuals in Frederick County

Similar to Habitat for Humanity, Second Chances Garage selects recipients according to a particular set of criteria. For example, all recipients must be at least 25 years of age (or younger if they have dependent children) and be gainfully employed. When they are already on the path to living independently, the cars help make that path a lot smoother. 

Cars enable recipients to take on flexible work schedules, take their kids to school, enroll their children in extracurricular activities, and make doctors’ appointments. For instance, we had someone secure a job at UPS and get injured on the job shortly after. His recovery required physical therapy but it wasn’t possible to make the appointments without a car. After receiving a car, he was able to make his appointments and get back to work. 

There are countless stories like this. Without a car, menial errands are a real challenge. Daily tasks can drive an unnecessary wedge into someone’s path to independent living. This is mentally draining. No one likes to feel like a burden and needing to ask for rides all of the time can hurt one’s self-esteem. Owning a car provides recipients with a new sense of independence and motivation. The mental aspect of things cannot be overstated. 

How your donated car helps the Frederick County community

While our Low-Cost Vehicle Program benefits individuals and their family, empowering people through independent transportation has benefits on a community level as well. When someone has their own car, they’re able to contribute significantly more than they would be able to otherwise. 

We’ve found that employers have no problem granting recipients an hour off in the middle of a shift to pick up their newly-earned vehicle from us. Ultimately, employers prefer employees who can provide their own transportation. It opens up the door to impromptu shifts and reduces the chance an employee will need to miss work. 

As mentioned earlier, receiving a vehicle allows recipients to engage in extracurricular activities and go to events they would not be able to otherwise. This boosts attendance and promotes a sense of community.  

Overall, community members have a stronger economic and social impact on their communities when they’re mobile. Providing cars to people who need them indirectly benefits everyone in Frederick by fostering a stronger community. 

How You Can Help

If you have an old car, please consider donating it to Second Chances Garage. We accept all cars. We’ll even pick it up for you if the vehicle is within a reasonable radius. Once a car is brought into our shop, we inspect its condition to determine how it will be used. Some cars are used for parts, others may be repaired and converted into daily drivers. Regardless, we will find a valuable use for your old vehicle. 

Donate today by following a short, three-step process. 

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