4 Reasons Not to Take Your Non-Running Car to the Junkyard
car junkyard


Have you been looking at the car that you have sitting in the driveway thinking that you really need to do something with it? Often, when people have a car to get rid of, they immediately think of a junkyard because recycling your car may be the only “known” option. Plus, a junkyard allows owners to quickly get rid of their vehicles – and let’s face it,  everyone loves a quick solution. With these factors in mind, it’s no surprise that “junking” or “recycling” a car is the most common way people choose to get rid of their car. In fact, every year, over 25 million tons of material are recycled from old vehicles. 

While a junkyard may be the most common solution for old cars, here in Frederick, there are other options that are more impactful to the community. One of those options is donating your car to Second Chances Garage.

Second Chances Garage seeks to let cars live a second life to help others. This is done by repairing the car, but the cars can also be used in a variety of other ways, which we explain below.   

  1. Parts Are Extremely Valuable

The automobile industry is experiencing a minor “speed bump”. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked problems with the international supply chain and the automobile industry was hit particularly hard. Manufacturing issues have led to a supply shortage. 

Consequently, parts are both hard to come by and expensive. It is a huge advantage right now to be able to salvage parts from an old vehicle. We use the parts to repair other vehicles with minor issues that would otherwise be drivable. More parts at our disposal means more cars can be repaired — allowing us to provide more program cars and impact more people.

  1. Materials Can Be Used In Unexpected Ways

It’s not just the “functional” parts of an old vehicle that can be salvaged. There was an instance where Second Chances Garage was able to seamlessly replace the dented bumper of a working vehicle with an intact bumper from a dead vehicle. 

Second Chances Garage has even used car seats from old vehicles and installed them in working vehicles, which were then donated to recipients with children. There’s no limit to the number of ways that Second Chances Garage can use a vehicle that doesn’t run. 

  1. The Car Can Be Brought Back To Life 

Perhaps the most ideal use of a donated vehicle is repairing the old vehicle itself. Second Chances Garage has an inventory of old cars at its disposal. Our team of mechanics can mix and match spare parts to bring a junk car back to life. Even if it’s only on the road for a few years, it can allow someone to have an easier time while they work toward independence. 

  1. We Can Recycle It For You 

With each donated car we get, we assess the car and determine what we will do with it – make it a program car, use its parts, recycle it, or sell it. Recycling helps our programs because it provides the funds necessary to buy parts we do not have on-hand and allows us to provide reduced-cost repairs to those who qualify. 

Bonus: Donating a Car Has Tax Benefits

This last point isn’t unique to Second Chances Garage but is worth considering when deciding what to do with your old car. Once the car is donated to us, we’ll let you know the car’s valuation and provide you with any needed information for tax write-offs. As always, it’s best to consult a tax professional to discuss your specific situation and options.

Let Your Car Live and Make an Impact

Junkyards provide an easy, convenient solution for parting ways with an old vehicle. Second Chances Garage can help you solve the same problem, with the added benefit of positively impacting someone in the Frederick community. 

Donating your car to Second Chances Garage gives it a chance to continue to live and make a difference in someone’s life. If you have an old car sitting in the driveway, you can donate it today by following a short, three-step process. 

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