How Do I Donate a Car to Charity?
donate to charity


Wondering how you can donate a car to charity? At Second Chances Garage, we make it very easy to donate your car — and we accept all cars no matter their condition. Even if it is not running, we can repair your donated car and get it back on the road to be used as a public sale car or as a program car. We can also use the parts to repair other cars in our garage. When you donate your car to Second Chances Garage, you are helping a needy individual or family in Frederick County gain access to healthcare, educational opportunities, and employment opportunities that were previously inaccessible to them. Second Chances Garage empowers these individuals to work towards owning a car while giving them the autonomy to live the independent life they deserve. 

There are three easy steps to donating your car to Second Chances Garage: 

1. Fill out our online form. 

Fill out our online form here to give us basic information about yourself, your car, and why you’re donating it. It will only take a few minutes! Please note: we are unable to accept vehicle donations without a title. 

We accept every car, no matter the condition. While low-mileage and late-model cars are preferable, older or high-mileage cars are still valuable to us. Once we receive your car, we examine it thoroughly to determine if it will be part of our Low-Cost Vehicle Program, a public sale car, or a parts car. Every car must pass a rigorous inspection to be deemed safe for use. And you can write off the value of your vehicle donation on your next tax return. See the IRS’s guidelines for vehicle donations here. 

2. Speak with us and schedule the donation 

Once we receive your application to donate a car to charity, we’ll contact you to schedule the drop-off of your vehicle. We have convenient office hours Monday through Friday. We can be reached by phone, email, our online form, or by stopping by our office!

3. Drop off your car or let us pick it up

When you fill out your application, there is a place to select pickup or delivery of your vehicle. That way, if you cannot drop off your vehicle at Second Chances Garage, we can arrange to pick it up from your house. And thanks to Derek’s Towing, towing your car within 30 miles of Second Chances Garage is absolutely free! 

When you donate a car to charity, you’re giving needy individuals and families a second chance. Go to our website now to learn how your vehicle donation can make a difference in someone’s life.

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