“When I was introduced to the Second Chances Garage program, I was riding my bicycle back and forth to work, which is approximately 10 miles from my home. The courteous and caring professionals that run this program worked with me to make owning my own car possible. After filling out the application and going through the interview process, my dream became a reality.

It’s been almost a year since I drove my car off of the lot at Second Chances Garage and the quality of my life has improved dramatically. The opportunities that I was dreaming of before I received this gift have now become attainable. In the next couple of months, I will be going back to school and working towards a journalism degree. In addition to that, I am currently working for a university in Baltimore broadcasting their basketball games. Aside from my professional aspirations, I speak at rehab facilities for people that battle drug addictions. Being a recovering addict myself, I attend meetings and give other recovering addicts rides to and from meetings. My car is much more than a tool to get back and forth to work. The vehicle symbolizes what a person can achieve if they just believe in themselves.”

~Testimonial from a Low-Cost Vehicle recipient

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