Program Car Recipient Marcellus

On Friday, our new Executive Director presented her first Program Car! She handed over the keys to a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo to Marcellus who was brought to us by Up & Out Sober Living. Prior to getting this Program Car, Marcellus was riding his bike nearly 10 miles to and from work until it got cold out. Then, he started taking a 90-minute bus ride to work. This car will not only help him get to and from work, but it will also help him attend his son’s wrestling practices and won’t require him to find rides to games as he’s a wrestling, football, and baseball coach.

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Donate A Car and Help a Family in Need

Our primary mission is to provide safe and reliable cars to low-income, wage-earning families in Frederick County. We receive car donations to make this dream a reality.   Learn more about what happens when you donate a car.

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