Program Car Recipient Brigitte

We had a special program car delivery at the Dynamic Automotive Car Show on August 6th! Brigitte was referred by Alex of Saint Katherine Drexel Church. A few years back, Alex was a program car recipient himself. Since then, he was able to give his car to someone else and save to purchase another car! Now, he is in a position to refer others to our program. Thank you, Alex, for your continued support and for referring Brigette!

Brigitte, a single parent, was presented with a 2007 Hyundai Sante Fe. Her goal is to get back on her feet in three years and give back to the community! A vehicle of her own plays a critical role. With the vehicle she will receive, Brigitte can reliably get to work, participate in the community, and help her mother attend needed doctor’s appointments. 

Thank you, John, for donating the Sante Fe to us and helping the Frederick community!

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